Whew!  This is a scary post!

I’m trying to organize the bits and pieces of cardstock, paper and stamped images/scraps that are kicking around my craft room.  If I’m not going to use these things, it’s time to find them a new home (whether it’s at the city dump or literally another home, it doesn’t matter…they HAVE to go!)  Please note that there is no actual project today.

While packing away my Christmas supplies, I noticed that I’ve now expanded to having 5 different places to put crafting leftovers!  I don’t know how it happened.  I have a fairly good system in that I regularly donate all my leftovers and unloved supplies to a friend so her daughters can play with my discards but things are still getting out of hand.  I’m not sure why I find it so hard to throw out some things that I don’t get around to using in my card making.

Today I quickly gathered the embellishments that haven’t been returned to their proper homes, all the scraps of cardstock and paper (non-Christmas – already took care of those!) plus all the stamped images that were tucked in various places “just in case”.  Here’s what I found:

I found LOTS more stamped images after I took the picture but they’re from stamps that I borrowed so I’m letting myself keep them as inventory and won’t be counting them in this little self-challenge.  It’s hard to tell in the above picture but there are over 100 stamped images in various stages of completion in that pile on the left.

The embellishment pile is not that bad because I usually put things away after I use them.  I think I’ll have to look at embellishments as a separate challenge – maybe for February.

So, I’ve decided to go through the papers and using ONLY the papers in the pile, I will sort them into patterns that go together.  I’ll them look for images in the other pile that I can use with the papers to make cards.

I can add any embellishments and use cardstock from my inventory but the cards I make can only be made using the images and patterned papers in these scrap piles.

I’m giving myself one week to complete the cards and it should be interesting to see how many cards I can make.

NOTE:  While there are over 100 images, there isn’t enough patterned paper to make 100 cards – I’m guessing between 15-25 cards can be made using the patterned paper available for this challenge.  Next week I’ll post the cards (just one group photo) and a picture of the leftover patterned paper.   The remaining images will be culled down to those that I think I will actually use and anything that’s left will be tossed (or randomly “happy mailed” if it’s not all junk).

I’m not sure how well I’ll do with this little project but in 2012 I’m hoping to learn not to hold on to so many things – material or mental.  It’s not a resolution, just a personal goal I am striving for.

Check back next Friday to see how I did!