An appropriate title today as all I’ve been doing since Thursday is Chillin’ – literally and figuratively.  I woke up on Thursday with a very sore throat and a fever and have gotten progressively worse since then.  To top it all off we are going away this Thursday and it’s a VERY long time on a plane (we have to backtrack to Halifax, hang at YHZ until midnight and then travel overnight to get to LHR…followed by a 2 hour car ride from Heathrow to Bristol…joyous).  I hope I’m better by then…the travel time is long enough without being sick in airports and on a plane…plus all the other passengers will hate me because you can practically SEE the germs right now! 

Whew!  Finished whining for now…

So, this is one of my 2009 Christmas cards – I’ve made a couple just changing around the patterned paper a little and I think it turned out quite cute.  Simple but fun.

I didn’t notice that the tail of my ribbon tucked itself under the image until I was editing my pictures (yes, I do edit them and they are still pretty bad!) but you get the idea.  I bought this WS stamp just after Christmas last year (my first ever WS order) and was happy to finally ink it up last week.   I made this card the night before the germ fairy visited – that’s the only reason I have something to update my blog with. 

The pp on this card is some really cute Bo Bunny paper that I bought at my LSS.  I didn’t buy too much as I’m waiting for Michael’s to put out their Christmas paper (presumably they’ll wait until after Halloween) to see if there is something I want.  I’m also dying for the new My Mind’s Eye paper (Colorful Christmas?) but I’d have to order it from the US and I’m not sure if I want to place another order right now (I’ve got WS stamps on the way).  I’ll probably cave in but I haven’t yet.

Please drop back tomorrow – it’s Whipper Snapper Cling Mount set release day and I’ve got a card to share!