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Had a busy morning – Jill woke us up early as usual but we got her to settle down so we could have a short Saturday lie-in.

Some breakfast, housework (amazing how much messier two dogs are!), and a field trip with the beags to a pet store for some toys and doggie car harnesses ate up the morning.

After lunch, I decided to pop into my craft room to play with my neglected toys as I am definitely in a crafty mood.

I pulled out some Whipper Snapper stamps as they haven’t seen the light of day in a while and they are still my absolute favourite stamps.

Since my life seams to be revolving around beagles lately, Ramsay was the clear-cut winner in the stamp-choosing lottery.  Here’s the card:


I was going to do something a little fancier with the sentiment but I have a tendency to resort to cleaner card layouts.

I’m really in the mood to order more Whipper Snapper stamps now…however, I have to start spending more time in my craft room to justify the purchase.  Here’s hoping I can!