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It’s been a busy week and a busier weekend.  Not sure if I mentioned that I ordered a new washer and dryer after Christmas but we sold the old washer (not the dryer yet – sad face) a couple of weeks ago and our new one was delayed in delivery so the logistics of clean clothes have never been trickier.

In addition to the laundry issues, we started a trial adoption of another beagle yesterday morning and the new arrival is certainly keeping us on our toes.  I’ll share more about that once we officially adopt – Rich and I are in love but Jack hasn’t quite seen the light yet.

Rich managed to entertain the two dogs long enough for me to get a small window of crafting time this afternoon.  I had an idea for a calorie-free and seasonally appropriate Valentine treat…travel (well, desk)-size tissue holders.  Of course, I’m not the first person to make these – the “idea” part is the name.  I’m calling them “Kiss-u’s”.

I made 6 so far…not sure if there’ll be any interested in them.  If not, I can easily harvest the tissues but I think they’re pretty darn cute.  Here’s what they look like:


I made them all with different cardstock and patterned paper but only used 2 different images because I was so limited on time today.  Once I’d created the pattern they were pretty quick to put together.  I probably could have made the sleeves a smidge wider but keeping them at 4.25 means I can cut 2 out of one sheet of cardstock.

I’m hoping to make some small Valentine cards (with coordinating envelopes using my punch board) this week.  We’ll see if the hounds will allow me some personal time.  It’s going to be an interesting week!