leftover banner

Yesterday morning, we lost our power again due to the huge blizzard.  While the snow had stopped, there were still thousands of homes without power this morning and we were added to the list (though we did have power through the evening and overnight).  It was restored again this afternoon for a while and came and went but we seem to be back up once more.

In addition to the power issue, our street still has not been cleared and most of the inhabitants of our little cul-de-sac are house-bound until the plows come by. 

I spent the majority of my day huddled in a blanket in our living room because we got the most natural light in that room.  I read for a while and played a game on my iPod until the battery ran down.  No craft time in the cold, dark basement Saturday morning!

The power came back on in the afternoon but I wasn’t sure how long it would last.  I decided to take advantage of electricity and made a quick card using some scraps from recent projects – including the heart cut-out from yesterday’s card.  Here’s what I came up with:

leftover heart

The base was left from another card, the white banner was a leftover strip from the cardstock I stamped my Lawn Fawn valentine images on and the button was accidentally left out of the jar when I put away my buttons last time.

This card was super-fast to make and would have been even faster if I hadn’t sewn around the edges of the patterned paper.

Once I finished the card, I tidied up my room and just have to clean a few stamps and put them away so I can take care of a few sewing projects (some hemming plus I bought my mom a nightgown and have to alter the sleeves as whoever made the pattern designed it for an orangutan).   Guess I’ll be spending Sunday’s craft time cursing sewing.  Bummer!