val notebook banner

I’ve officially started creating Valentine-themed items so my craft room will be the Love Shack for the next month or so. (hopefully!)

While reorganizing (or partially reorganizing as I got bored with it before I could do the whole room) I found a package of 5 notepads in my altered items stash.  These are a bit smaller than the notepads I usually make and I don’t think I could source them again so I decided to either make something with them or throw them in the “out with the old” pile.

Of course, I couldn’t resist altering the darn things.  Altered notepads are probably my favourite gift item to make.

Over to the inspiration station I went to find some stamps and papers that I wanted to use.  As there were only 5 notepads, I decided to make them all different.  I also decided to make them whimsical instead of elegant (not a shock) so that had an impact on the papers and stamps I chose.

While making my choices, I thought it would be nice to incorporate a pen or pencil on the notepads as well but I wanted to make the pads fold over the top instead of to the side like I usually do so I had to come up with a way to attach the pen/pencil a bit differently (for me, not for the paper-crafting world).

Ribbon was the easiest choice so I pulled out some red and some pink grosgrain and went to work. (it’s hard to see the pencil on the right-hand notebooks as I had to hold them open a bit for them to stand up for the pictures)

valentine notebooks

…and (these 2 are my favourites)

valentine notebooks 2


valentine notebooks 3

I packaged them all up when I was done – the lightbox did something weird with the red cellophane heart on the bags…they don’t look so radioactive in real life!

valentine notebooks packaged

So there you have it!  My first Valentine project for 2015.