Hey everyone.  I’m around – I just haven’t been particularly crafty this week.  An old friend of mine died yesterday (she had a stroke on June 3oth and we’ve known since then that she might pass away – it’s been a sad time) and she’s been the focus of my thoughts since she had the stroke.  Rest in Peace, Sherry.  You were a beautiful soul on earth.

(wipes tear…)

Whew, now that I’ve shared that, I do have a project that I started working on today.  It’s work-related and I volunteered to do it and it’s also a great way to reduce the scraps in my stash.  I’m making a fairly large batch of 3X3″ thank you cards and got 16 of them done today…here’s a peek:

There were too many to take a picture from my usual vantage point…I don’t know if I’ll be taking a picture of all of them when they are done as I need the space to work so I probably can’t be bothered to set this batch out again…

Here’s a little close up as the picture above probably doesn’t give much detail:

I needed to be able to crank them out quickly so I stuck with coffee cup and tea cup images that fit on a 2X2″ square…they’re really fun to make and I’m happy to reduce my scrap pile!

Take it easy!