Leave it to me to choose a Christmas colour scheme that just isn’t happening in St. John’s – I’m into the “funky” green with gold.  Gold, no problem, the green – a sort of peridot green…- a much bigger problem.

Because we moved our Christmas tree to the recroom we installed over the summer, we had to buy some new decorations for the living room to prevent family and friends from thinking we are total scrooges. (partially true but only in a bah, humbug sort of way – we dig the giving and getting of gifts though!)  We decided on a small table-top tree ($13 at Walmart) and gold and green decorations as noted above.  The walls are a funky green so we didn’t want to use a traditional green as the accent colour.  So began my dilemma.

I managed to score 9 green bulbs at Zellers of all places (in packs of 6 – 3 green and 3 gold) so there was enough of a pop of green for the mini (3.5 foot) tree.  The gold is just going to have to carry the rest of the room.  I’m sure the colour will become more popular next year but for now we’ll limp along with the little we have.

My only disappointment was that I planned on putting ornaments in a cool footed bowl/candle holder that we purchased at Pier 1.  My table runner is gold so I was relying on the green as a contrast.   You can’t get blood from a stone (or a turnip!) so I was planning on “sucking it up” and just using gold ornaments.  When shopping for the ornaments for the bowl we decided to go with smaller ornaments and a nice fat candle in the centre instead of filling the whole bowl with ornaments.   Nice, but a bit monocromatic.

Yesterday, while working on yet another Christmas project, I realized I had some Martha Stewart glitter in a similar colour to the ornaments I wanted (the colour is a cross between golden beryl and heliodor if you own the MS glitter).  I also had a few tiny styrofoam balls from a Christmas ornament project that were the same size as the decorations that are already tucked inside the vase.  I covered the balls with some glitter and scattered them around the bowl.  I now have my colour pop and here’s what it looks like:

It’s kind of hard to see the contrast in the picture but it is noticable in real life and I’m thrilled that I was able to find a solution in time for the holidays.

Here’s a larger picture – the background is blurry because I used the macro setting but you can see the contrast a little better:

We’re waiting until Christmas Eve to light the candle as we are having company over – I hope this looks nice in candlelight.

Check back tomorrow for some personalized ornaments.