No project to share tonight – I just wanted to wish my blog readers and anyone else that stumbles across my blog from time to time a very happy holiday.

It’s been a very busy day at our house – I had to work today but we’ve managed to get our turkey pre-cooked for our family dinner tomorrow and I’ve just finished baking a decadent cherry cake as tomorrow is not only Christmas but it’s my mother’s birthday too.  I tried a new recipe that uses 2 tins of cream and 5 eggs in the cake.  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

One of my brothers is in Newfoundland for the holidays and he and his wife dropped by tonight to exchange gifts.  I’m using my gift right now!  My brothers went in on a very cool Christmas gift for me – a Dell Netbook (in jade green!).  Hopefully, this could mean more regular blogging as I’ll be able to fit in a blog post when I’m not in my craft studio.

I’ll end off here as it’s almost Christmas Day in Newfoundland – only 5 minutes to go before the big day!

Oh, and here’s what my new netbook looks like: