When I am away from my blog for a while it’s simply because I’m BUSY!!!  Sometimes I’m busy making cards etc. for clients and sometimes I’m just busy in a “life” sort of way.  Last week was a little of column A and a little of column B.  The life thing was in the fun catagory – we purchased a Wii last Friday and have been using it every day.  The novelty (for me, not so much for my husband) *might* have worn off by now but we bought a Fit to go with the Wii (after scouring the city for days and phoning stores daily until we finally got a positive answer!) and I am really enjoying playing with it.  The exercise thing is simply a bonus.

My favourite activity on the Wii is step aerobics.  I don’t know why but I find this segment of the workout very entertaining.  I’m also not that great with my balance so I’m enjoying this much more than the balance games my husband plays every chance he gets.

I knew last weekend that we would be getting the Fit to go with the Wii so I made an activity journal while my friend Karen was visiting (she made a journal for her daughter too) and I’ve been recording my Wii minutes in the journal.  It’s highly motivating and much needed as I’ve gained quite a bit of weight since my surgery last year and I really need to do something about it.

The journal doesn’t have much in the way of decoration because I don’t want to have anything bulky on the cover that would interfere with writing in the book and I keep it in our recroom where it’s bound to be tossed around so I went for sturdy instead of fussy.  Here’s the journal:


I used some new K&Co papers – they are heavyweight and durable so it was an obvious choice for me.  The barbell pattern was too cute to pass up and the paper is what dictated the colours of the journal.  I was going to add my name in chipboard letters (and still may!) but haven’t done so as of yet. 

I made a journal page in MS Word and printed it on some bond paper that was donated to me from work.  It’s actually A4 paper so that was a little trickier to cut into quarters as I was working in metric and there was a .5 cm measurement in there.  My paper cutter is not really designed for half cms.  Here’s a shot of a journal page:

I kept the journal page layout simple as I’m not sure what my needs will be for keeping track of exercise.  This was the most general layout I could think of.  I used a fun font and a simple “fill in the blank” format.  The notes space has been used every time I write in the journal so I’m glad I added that in.  I suppose a space for “weight” would have been a good idea but it’s not a blank I’d enjoy completing!

I used Karen’s Bind-It-All to make the journal.  I have a plastic spiral binding machine (Rubicoil) but was anxious to try the BIA.  I think Karen believes the Rubicoil is a better machine but I like the professional finish the BIA gives a book and I also think it’s great that between us we have both machines as we don’t mind sharing.

Speaking of my Rubicoil,  I have a couple of projects to share tomorrow that uses it so stay tuned!

Supplies used: Bind-It-All, 3/4 inch O-wires, A4 bond paper, K&Co patterned paper (Daydreams collection), Whipper Snapper “Working It Out” stamp, SU dye inks, aquapainter, watercolour paper, Cuttlebug, Nestabilities dies