mini mail banner

After hearing the sad news that Target is closing its doors in Canada, I went on a Target shopping trip Friday at lunchtime to browse the store before it all gets picked over and abandoned like the Zellers stores did when they started liquidating.  I am definitely going to miss Target as I’m not a huge fan of Wal-Mart and liked the variety of home decor and other odds and ends I could find there for making little gifts.

The dollar spot was pretty much wiped out (as usual) but I did manage to score two little plastic mailboxes that I thought were darn cute.

Initially, they were going to be for a Valentine’s Day project but I’m currently experiencing a Mojo block concerning that “holiday” so I thought I’d make some simple 3″x 3″ cards just to get myself back into crafting.

I challenged myself to use the scraps that were left from my owl boxes as there was quite a bit of patterned paper waste on that project.  I managed to cut enough card fronts for 10 3×3″ cards (though I only used 4 cards per mailbox).

I chose sentiments that are generic but could also be used for Valentine’s Day if desired (I think!) and made 2 each of the following 4 cards:

mini mailbox cards 1

mini mailbox cards 2

Once all the cards were made I used some super thin cardstock (Recollections) to create mini envelopes and bundled the cards and envelopes up with some hemp twine:

mini mail bundle

The top of the mail box opens so you can fill it with “whatever”…

mini mailbox filled

Oh, and the box comes in red or a nice charcoal grey:

mini mail choices

Enjoy the last day of the weekend…I have laundry to do!