Before I babble about my card today I’d like to chat about an ongoing project – a painfully drawn out and unpleasant project… (and there’s blog candy if you can make it to the end of this post)

There is a great thread on SCS at the moment about purging your stash of paper crafting supplies.  I was hoping to purge a lot of stuff before moving to my new craft room so I wouldn’t be bringing the clutter with me but the room was done in stages (we’re in the final stage now…) and my supplies were brought down in bits and pieces.  As a result, it was more important to tuck things out of the way than it was to have a proper place for everything.

The result is that I’ve hardly purged any of the outdated/unused/unloved items in my stash and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of going through EVERYTHING so my room can be fully functional.

However, today I spent HOURS moving the contents of my old craft room closet to my new closet.  It took lots of trips and some quailty time sitting on the floor going through bags, boxes, bins, etc. (my back will be killing me in the morning!)  I wish I’d tossed more than I did but I’ve made a good first attempt at sorting my craft supplies. (note: I don’t just papercraft – the majority of stuff in my closet is for other crafts)

Here’s a picture:

The top two shelves are for my cross stitching and general crafting, then there are two shelves for paper crafting stuff (kept in photo boxes – two are empty) and another shelf of containers for altering/gift giving.  My chipboard and paper are on the bottom shelf and my coil binding machine and boxes of coils are on the floor of the closet (the purple sewing box to the left is actually the majority of my cross stitching supplies)

I’ve been crafting for about 20 years so I have quite a collection of “stuff”.  I did put a dozen unopened tubes of tulip fabric paint, older stamps, punches, ribbon, etc. in a “Give” pile and will take that to work tomorrow and give it to the children of my most creative co-worker.  There are also stickers, paper, glitter, sequins, my card boss (an expensive toy I HAD to have when I first started making cards) and a lot of odds and ends throw in.  It’s only one bulging shopping bag worth of things though so there is room for improvement.

I’ll quickly share today’s card and then tell you about my blog candy…

I mentioned last week that I got my first Greeting Farm stamps.  One of them is “Ebony” (but we all know it’s Alice from Twilight) and I managed to squeeze in some time colouring her in and creating a card in between the horrible closet project.  This is what I came up with:

I used some paper I bought at M’s last summer (it’s good paper for teen cards but is a bit thinner than I like to work with – I think it’s MAMBI.  I thought the skulls would tie in nicely with Alice’s shirt and I used the pink colour in the paper as the springboard for my colour choices.

Alice’s face is done with Copics.  The hairband and skirt are paper pieced and I glittered the icon on her shirt.  I used my newest Nestie shape to die cut the image and I thought it would be fun to stitch around the edges of the paper.  I think it turned out quite cute!

On to my blog candy…while I am giving away the majority of my purged items to a friend, I did keep a few things to give away on my blog (I’ll be having a giveaway every day that I post this week).  I stuck with things that weren’t too heavy to mail to the winner.  Today’s goodies are a selection of Making Memories ribbon.  I did use a little bit of the purple ribbon but I think everything else is the full length indicated on the packages.

All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment.  It can be about anything (but keep it clean, please!).  Oh, and check back tomorrow because I’ll have another prize.