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I clued up the last of my Halloween projects yesterday and just have to put away a few things I missed when tidying up yesterday.  Now that the decks are cleared from Halloween craft supplies, I can get my Christmas supplies better organized (I’ve been putting everything in dishpans that I picked up at Dollarama so I could switch out between Halloween and Christmas as the mood strikes – they’re only $1.50 and I find them very handy if I want to clear a spot in a hurry.)

I also made a quick Christmas card yesterday in between working on an assignment for a class I’m taking.  My laptop died in the middle of typing up my report and I had to do something fun while waiting for it to change up.

PS Treet

I think it turned out really cute except I would have loved to use my tracing wheel around the edges – too bad it broke.  I am not sure what type to get to replace it.  I think it has to be a blunt wheel as I’d rather have short dashes than pokey holes on my patterned paper.  Gotta order something soon because I’m missing my wheel!

The stamp I used was a free one I received in a recent Paper Smooches order.  I only received them on Friday and it was a busy weekend so I didn’t really get a chance to play with them yet.  I’ll be doing that very soon.

Must dash.  DH and I are going to watch a movie and if we don’t start soon we’ll be very tired in the morning!