No, not MY new address…

My cousin and her partner recently purchased a house and moved in last week.  I made a housewarming gift for them consisting of 4 crocheted dishcloths (well, I love them and I’m hoping that her and J will love them too) and a set of 12 new address cards – 4 for S, 4 for J, and 4 for “them”.

I blurred out the address but I’m sure you can still get the feel of the cards:

The packaging for the clothes matches the cards but I still don’t have the tag finished so there’s no picture of that today.

It took hours and hours to make these – I zigzag stitched all 12 cards and it took a while to do the 12 die-cut houses too (because I was using scraps left from making the cards so I’d make a house, unload the cricut, peel off the paper, make another house, unload the cricut…you get the idea.  Plus the roof/door piece is made separately so that’s 24 load/unloads with the cricut.  Boring!)

Here’s a close up of the die cut:

I used some of the colours from the interior of their home (though the yellow wasn’t one of the colours) – the cloths are the same colour as their kitchen if I remember the paint chips I saw correctly.  I still haven’t seen the house but at least I’ll be prepared when the invitation comes!