…but no time to sleep!

I do have things to share but no time to take pictures and blog about them at the moment.  I’m just dropping in to state that I’m still alive and to exclaim quite cheerfully that our new boxspring and mattress were delivered tonight. (plus some over-priced pillows that we got free at Sears when we bought the bed)

The spots in the picture are because I used my flash – I hope!

New bedroom furniture is next on the wishlist…well that plus a bathroom reno, new kitchen, my own car, etc.  Perhaps I’ll settle for a new duvet cover and window curtains. (the headboard and bedding in the pic is the same old, same old, it’s just the mattress and foundation – and pillows! – that are new.)

I’m dying to go to bed early to see if the mattress is worth the $$$.  However, Christmas cards and customer orders await so time to break out the cuttlebug and ATG gun.