I used the last page in the notepad I jot down my grocery list in and shamed myself into making a new one. (the old one was a leftover that I didn’t sell 2 Christmases ago!)

I’ve been on a huge beagle kick lately as I’m sick of making cards so I’ve been doing my own stuff using my dogs as inspiration.

I made a couple of notepads using an existing stamp set that I own but couldn’t really get them to look like beagles so I downloaded a free digi stamp from Jane’s Doodles and modified it slightly to get a little more “tri-colour”:

pawprint notepads

The two notepads on the left were stamped with ink and the one on the right was printed out – which meant I could create my own sentiment.  I will be colouring the heart on the tag…just wanted to quickly blog about it for the sake up updating poor old kellybee.org.

It’s finally a nice day here in St. John’s (I don’t want to talk about Jucembuary) so I’m going to go enjoy some heat while we actually have it!