I’m preparing to go on a little holiday so I’ve been a busy bee – just not in the card-making department.  With luck, I’ll get a little time to make a card tomorrow – I need a birthday card and an anniversary card before the end of the week.

I also had a couple of questions about my last card…

I was asked what colouring medium I used on my last card – I used Prismacolour pencils and Odourless Mineral Spirits (OMS).  I use the Mona Lisa brand that can be purchased at Michael’s.  It doesn’t say odourless mineral spirits on the bottle.  It’s called Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner but if you look at the ingredients it does state mineral spirits.  It’s an 8 oz bottle and I’ve had it for over 3 years.  I use a double-walled plastic container (also purchased from M’s) with some of those round cosmetic pads in the bottom of the jar.  I just pour enough OMS on the pads to soak them (but not have extra liquid in the container) and dip my blending stump in the pads.  The container is air tight so the OMS does not evaporate.  I just add a little more OMS every 6 months or so as needed.

I used to use this technique all the time but got into the watercolouring in a big way and the pencils were neglected.  I imagine if I ever get more Copics I’ll ignore all the dye inks I got for Christmas!

I was also asked if I use a tripod – I don’t.  I use a homemade “lightbox” made from a piece of white foamboard (found the idea on SCS).  My previous camera just wasn’t intended for taking pictures of cards – it was a tiny little sony cybershot DSC-U30 – and now I have a Lumix (Panasonic) – it’s just a point and shoot camera but it does a better job than my old cybershot.  I blame the previous bad pictures on my old camera but the current ones I blame on me…I’m sure I will be able to rock this camera some day!

Gotta dash – hope to be back tomorrow!