Well, in just a couple of hours I have to catch a plane to go to Halifax for my annual visit to our Halifax (Dartmouth) office.  It’s just going to be for a few days but I do enjoy my visit to see the ladies (and gents) there.  It’s much nicer to deal with people face to face than over the phone plus the crew there is just as awesome as my peeps in our St. John’s office.  I am a lucky, lucky supervisor indeed!

The only sad part is that the manager in Halifax is going to be on holidays this week so we won’t get to do our usual trip to Pete’s Frootique and then go somewhere amazing for supper.  Our social evening is one of my favourite parts of the trip – she’s an excellent hostess!

Anyway, not much more time for chatting as I still have to pack!  Because the crew in Halifax is so wonderful to work with, I made some little gifts for them:

The shiny bag in the background is what they look like packaged up.  The foreground shows the contents of a bag (I made 6 of these and they are all personalized with the recipient’s first and last name – I’ve blurred the last names in the picture for privacy purposes).  There’s a personalized notepad, a beaded mini gel pen and a little chocolate treat packaged up.  If the package in the background looks weird it’s because the chocolate treat matches the paper on the bottom of the notepad and it is in front of the pad.

I have to go get my suitcase in order now…enjoy your week – I’ll be back in a couple of days with a sneak peek at the latest Rachelle Ann Miller stamps from PaperWorks Co…they’re absolutely adorable!  I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done with them!