Today’s card is a good case for investing in Copic markers.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on these little beauties but I’ve been playing with them for a couple of weeks (I’ve got about 2 dozen now) and, while I don’t have the blending thing mastered, I have to say that I am impressed.

I coloured a few images just using the few Copic colours that I have which limited my spectrum greatly.  Once I was done I found it quite challenging to match the images to any of the existing paper I have in my immense stash.  I did assemble a few cards (which will be shared in the days ahead) using what I have “in stock” but the cards are not quite up to my usual standards.

Yesterday, I was trying to turn another completed image into a card and I came up against the same issue…lots of paper but nothing that really GOES with the image.  The problem was the bright orange and the shade of blue I used when colouring.

I fiddled with different papers for almost an hour and then walked away to give it more thought.  Today, the solution came to me…I needed to pick out paper that was a bit plain with little or no blue/orange in it, use orange cardstock and make some custom coloured accents to match the blue.  Here’s the result:

I had some white ribbon with black polka dots on it that I coloured with my blue copic marker.  It matches the birdhouse EXACTLY and ties everything together.  I used a cute ruffle technique (popular on SCS right now) for the ribbon – you’ll be seeing a lot more of this – and added a knotted piece to the orange button.   Just the right pop of colour to make everything match!

PLEASE be sure to check back tomorrow…I definitely have something to share!