Outside my comfort zone today…this card is more like the type of cards I used to make before I figured out what I like making…I need to try to do this more often because I think I could get better at “vintage” cards if I put a little effort into it.  I personally like vintage/funky cards but I’m just not that good at making them and you’re supposed to stick with what you know – which is really good advice.

However…it’s good to learn new tricks too so that’s something I might work on in the future (but let’s wait until after the Christmas madness please!)

Here’s today’s card (colour combo was a request…I don’t have much in the way of peach unfortunately)

I was trying to keep the card somewhat mail friendly but ended up sticking a button and a charm on there so I pop dotted the sentiment…I would have popped the tag up too if I wasn’t concerned with the bulk of the card…I’ll be revisiting this style (and this stamp set) soon.