I’m sure I’ve mentioned my coffee buddy before (we’ll call her “D” for blogging purposes) but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned “the ritual”.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we go to Tim’s (Tim Hortons for the uninitiated) on our break and buy a coffee.  We take turns paying and it takes our whole break to drive there and back (nothing is in walking distance of our office…well, something is but you wouldn’t go there for coffee!) so we do our chatting in the car and in the line to buy our coffee.

As you can imagine, a Tim Horton’s gets a lot of traffic in the run of a day.  You wouldn’t normally be able to walk in and order “the usual”.  However, when we picked up coffee last week, on one visit we were greeted with “It’s nice to see some familiar faces” (it’s roll up the rim time at Tims…I think they are getting a few more customers than normal) and on another visit the absolutely lovely lady who served us remembered how I take my coffee.  I was impressed!

Generally speaking, I love the girls who serve us at this location.  They are always friendly and enthusiastic.  When they tell you to have a nice day, they sound like they mean it.

So, in light of last week’s exemplary service, I thought a little thank you to the staff at Tim’s on Aberdeen Avenue was in order. 

Here’s what I made:

…and here’s a group shot:

Time permitting, I’d like to make a little basket to present them in – we’ll see how that goes.

This project was really easy to whip up.  It only takes one sheet of double-sided patterned paper to make 4 of these. (you’d need more paper if you were making a larger pouch).  I got the tutorial from SCS.

The papers are all K&Co (my fave double sided paper) and the stamp is a Penny Black sheep that I’ve had for a while (he’s so cute!).  I glittered the flowers and lightly coloured the image with markers.

My C plate is broken so I couldn’t use my cuttlebug to make the scallops.  Luckily, my SU scallop punch was just the right size for this project.  I really need to get a new C plate as I’m lost without my cuttlebug.

I hope the girls (and guys) at Tim’s like their little treat.