Still trying to catch up on posting the things I’ve made lately.  This is the Easter treat I made for my co-workers.  They’re not actually peeps – you can get peeps in Canada but I don’t think they are as popular as they are in the US and I’m fairly sure we can’t get them in all the varieties you see in the States.  (NOTE: If anyone wants to hook me up with the chocolate mousse flavour, bring it on!)  I found chick and bunny shaped marshmallow treats at Sobey’s for a reasonable price and tweaked the peek-a-boo treat holder that was popular on SCS last year.  This is kind of a cross between a matchbook and the treat holder

Here’s the finished product:

…and here’s a shot of the inside (the hippity hop treats had bunnies inside and the happy easter ones had the chickens):

They looked really cute in person and they went over well.  It was actually a bitter-sweet hand out this time around as it was the last time I was making holiday treats for my department before our move to our new building.  We moved over the weekend to our brand-new offices and we are now combined with another department and are the “Operations” group (instead of Imports and Freight).  I have no problem with the combining the groups but I don’t know if I can make little gifts for so many people for every holiday like I always used to.  I don’t think I could make them for my group and leave the other people out.  Hmmm…maybe I can get an allowance from my employer and make things for EVERYONE! (I would need an assistant!)

Very briefly, I used some yellow cardstock I got at Costco a couple of years ago (I use it for most of my mass-produced office treats as I go through a lot of cardstock on these projects) and some K&Co patterned paper from the seasonal pad I bought a couple of months ago.  It’s double-sided so I used the back side of the Easter papers as the print was smaller and these little holders are only 3 inches wide. (I got 4 to a sheet of 12X12 paper so I deliberately used a 3″ width to minimize cardstock waste)  To make the purple scallop around each window I first punched circles in the cardstock and then lined the scallop punch around the circle to make a frame.  It was a little fiddly to glue the frame to the window but they didn’t look as cute without the frames.  I used my ATG gun to adhere the treats to the inside of the matchbook so they stayed in place but were easy to remove from the holder. 

Happy (Belated) Easter!