I spent a lot of time making Christmas items yesterday – didn’t get as far as I’d hoped (no surprise there) but I did manage to make all the pencil treat gifts that I’d planned as well as doing some prep for other projects.  I made a pretty big mess while crafting yesterday so I took some time to clean up in between projects in hopes that I wouldn’t cross-contaminate my projects with glitter, beads, embossing powder and all the other little hard to clean supplies I was working with yesterday.

I made a bunch of pencil holders in blue and green and red and then packaged them up for giving (they don’t NEED to be packaged up but this way they stay clean and in good condition plus you don’t have to worry about the pencils falling out of the boxes “in transit”).

Here are the blue ones (sorry – shiny picture!):

…and here are a few of the red and green ones:

…and here’s how I packaged them (I used pretzel bags and washi tape):

I’m hoping to get some die cuts done this evening – or some notebooks and pens – a bit undecided which I’m in the mood to do.   I also need to get started on some Christmas cards soon so I can do my overseas mail out.  Good thing I enjoy Christmas crafts more than any other type!