This week’s blog posts will be a little bit of “same old, same old” as I’m in mass production mode.  I’ve got a busy week with not a lot of down time plus a business trip putting a little crimp in my weekend plans so output will be sparse.

I’ve been making planners and tags to sell at work and I need more notepads with beaded pens plus some individual notepads to sell.  The pen/notepads will have to wait as I don’t have the time to spare for making folders and beading pens but I did have time to crank out 3 different designs of notepad last night.  I’ll share them over the next few days.

For today, here’s the first design:

I know they are a little on the plain side but too many embellishments makes them awkward to tote around in your purse.

I like this particular design the most of the three types I made and I’ll probably be making some of these with beaded pens next week when I have a little more time.