I recently shared a tutorial on how to make stamped, glass ornaments so I won’t go into much detail with this post.

By special request, I made some personalized ornaments for some co-workers.  I never thought to take pictures until I did the last two and glass is not the easiest thing for me to photograph but here is a shot of Chrissy’s ornaments:

I had to do gold bows on both ornaments (one snowman has silver details and one has gold) as I don’t have any silver ribbon left in my stash.  I’m actually running out of several colours but I have too much ribbon and I don’t want to buy any more unless it’s spectacular in both looks and price.   The ribbon used on these ornaments was sent to me two Christmases ago by my mother-in-law from England.  There is still LOTS of ribbon in the bag but it’s gold, red and green – no silver at all. 

I used an acrylic alphabet to stamp the names and year.  The first few ornaments I personalized had each letter done individually.  I’m glad I thought to try this acrylic set as stamping on acetate is very tricky and doing each letter separately just invites more opportunity to ruin the acetate.

TIP:  When forming a name that has duplicate letters (e.g. the two “s”es in Chrissy) place a letter that is similar in size in the place where the duplicate letter should be, arrange the spacing of your letters exactly the way you want them and then remove the substitute letter before stamping.  Then go back and stamp the duplicate letter in the blank space.  Doing this will ensure you have left the perfect amount of space for your second letter.

I used some wonderful Martha Stewart snow glitter for the background of these ornaments.  It’s much nicer than the glitter I usually use and I will definitely be using it for future ornaments.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone.  Hope Santa is good to you tomorrow.