pet ornament banner

I used vinyl in my Silhouette for the first time recently…I personalized a Christmas ornament (not shown today but I’ll share later).  Once I’d worked out how to cut/weed/apply the vinyl, I decided I wanted to make “pet” ornaments with a paw print and the pet’s name.

I did an internet search and discovered this is not a particularly original idea (but what is?)…I also learned that I liked the look of red font over a black paw print so I made Amazon a little richer and myself a little poorer by ordering some red vinyl. (I now have black, white and red)

I did a trial run last night and only had to make one minor adjustment to get my ornament the way I’d pictured.  Here’s the end result (naturally, Jack was the pet name I chose first – sorry Jill!):

pet ornament

I want to add a red button to the centre of the ribbon but DH says it doesn’t need it.  I do think I’ll do the pet name a little bit smaller on the next ornament so the paw print isn’t covered up quite so much.

Not bad for a first attempt…maybe I’ll get more use out of the Silhouette than I ever did from the Cricut (which is now totally ignored).