I wanted to share a couple of journals I created for two children who are lucky enough to be on holidays in Florida this week (it’s getting cold in Newfoundland!).

Their dad requested these travel journals (I’ve made them for his children in the past) and I thought I was going to have some trouble making them as I have no Disney stuff in my stash.  Also, when I asked what his daughter’s favourite colour is the answer was “black”….wowzers!  He further explained that she is into the Twilight series (she’s a bit advanced for her age) so I decided black and red would be the way to go for her.  That, in turn, inspired me to do a pirate theme journal for her and her brother and this is what I came up with:

Rebecca’s Journal:

Noah’s Journal:

The inside has some journaling pages, games to play on the plane (word search, jumble, hangman, tic tac toe, etc.) some pages for autographs at Disney and some cardstock pages for pictures as well as some blank pages for anything else they would like to put in there.

You can’t see it in the picture on R’s journal but the skull and crossbones are embossed with black EP and there are some star shaped rhinestones around the image for a little bling.  I think it’s age-appropriate and just dark enough to satisfy her current tastes.

N is a little younger so I kept his journal simple but not baby-ish.  Luckily, I had enough of this patterned paper left in my stash to create these journals.  I’ve probably had the patterned paper for 4 years!

Speaking of papers I’ve had for a while, I also got to clean out some of my stash this week.  Our office sends donations to the Presentation Sisters in Dominica each year so I gathered up some duplicate papers, unloved papers, outdated papers, cardstock, stickers, partly used pens (they do get use out of these – the children they teach have NOTHING), some colouring pencils I picked up in the back to school sales specifically for this purpose and a few other odds and ends and had to literally cram everything into a box.  I’m sure these items will be put to better use than just gathering dust in my craft room.  I could really do to cull more paper from my collection but it’s a time-consuming process and I wanted to make sure I got the package ready in time for the donation.

Gotta jet…see you tomorrow?