No banner tonight – it’s a quickie post!

I didn’t spend any time in my craft room last weekend.  I was busy spring cleaning the living room (with the help of DH as it was a real deep clean).  Every piece of furniture removed from the room, curtains down, blinds, windows and baseboards washed…

I also bought a new rug for the room – something I’ve been wanting for a while.  We scored a decent-sized rug at HomeSense (= Marshall’s in the US) and I also bought some new throw pillows and lighter curtains for the room.  You might notice the use of a $ and a ¢ in the post title – I spent beaucoup dollars with my revamp but it really made a huge difference.  I don’t have a before picture but I think hubby has one somewhere so I’ll add it later for comparison purposes.

Here’s what the room looks like now:


The lighter rug, pillows (the brown ones are not new) and curtains really brighten up this room…just in time for Spring.  Now if it would only stop snowing here!