Last time I was at Michael’s I couldn’t resist this cute little Valentine stamp.  I think with a few hand drawn spots it would make a great beagle stamp!

In keeping with my plans to make multiple cards at a time this year, I coloured two of this image and simply reversed the patterned paper on the layout.

I coloured the image before I chose the paper which was a bit of a goof on my part so I decided to play up the little bluebird by adding a blue button to the bow.  I think it was just the right touch!

I dyed the wrinkle ribbon some time ago and it was the perfect shade for this card.  Love when that happens!

The sentiment is deliberately skewed on the oval.  I like to do this – especially when adding an embellishment – it gives the card a little more interest and leaves a little more breathing room for the little heart I attached at the bottom.

I don’t think I’ll have any more crafting time this week – we’re working on a little project with the house and I’d like to spend some time on that if I get any spare time in the next few days.