UPDATE: Melly Mac won yesterday’s blog candy…I’ll put it in with the other items you won. (everything will be mailed on Saturday)

No banner today (but I’ll be back to post the winner of yesterdays’ blog candy) because I’m in a bit of a rush but I do have something really quick to share…

I whipped up 22 of these in about an hour last night. (so excuse the colouring…it wasn’t a precision job):

I have so many co-workers that my little seasonal treats have to be budget friendly.  I just bought some foil-wrapped bunnies and kicked the packaging up a notch really…it would have been sad to just place a little bunny on someone’s desk “as is”.  Plus, if you saw the paperwork a typical desk in my department holds you’d know that the bunny would not be found for some time!

When making these mass-produced co-worker treats I often use a cheaper cardstock than I would for my cards so colour coordination is out the window.  The cardstock I used today (last night) is from a package I bought at Costco about 3 years ago and I think it worked out to 6 or 7 cents per sheet.  I also use this paper when I’m doing an dry run on a template if I’ve never used it before.  I find that the first time I try a template or a tutorial I usually misunderstand a step so ruining a sheet or two of this paper doesn’t bother me at all.

Another bonus to using my cheap cardstock is that it doesn’t bother me at all when my co-workers throw the packaging in the garbage after they’ve harvested whatever treat comes with it (though some of the people I work with still have things on their desks that I gave them YEARS ago – which is quite sweet)

Total cost for today’s project – $6.00 (and there is some chocolate left over which I will distribute to some people in other departments that I enjoy chatting with when time allows).

On to today’s giveaway:

Some vellum quotes and some fasteners…great for scrapbooking (which begs the question “Why did I buy this?” – I’ve never scrapbooked!)

Again, just leave a comment.  That’s all I ask.  You don’t need to tell me your favourite colour or technique or how much Easter Candy you’re going to buy…just leave a comment and into the draw you go.  I think each day averaged 3 comments so you might have a 33.3% chance of winning – or greater!  You CAN win twice, you can live in Norway or down the street or at the North Pole…if it’s possible to mail it to you, you’re eligible for the prize.

My final blog candy will be something that cardmakers and scrapbookers will enjoy so make sure you check back…