ETA:  How cool!  I was “soup-spotted” on the Jillybean Soup blog today!

Hi guys…I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time to update my blog (blog post coming tomorrow though!) DH and I are still working on all the things we need to finish before we host a big family do this weekend.  That means my evenings (and last weekend) are spent assisting with building a fence, doing some landscaping and repairing our patio.   I haven’t even begun cleaning the house or shopping for the food for Sunday.  Eeekkk!!

The Happy Mail only went out today (but it did go out – sorry for the delay).  As I’d already pre-packaged the papers/stamped image I couldn’t handwrite the addresses on the envelopes so I took a few minutes last night to print out labels so I can get your goodies out to you.  I only had 7 replies on the happy mail post so I sent the 8th envelope to someone who has commented on my blog from time to time.  Hope she enjoys it after she finishes scratching her head on why she got the stuff in the mail!

I should be back on schedule after Sunday.