I finally finished the last of the ornaments for the Beagle Paws fundraiser so now it’s on to some Christmas crafting for myself.

When picking up some items on a lunch break about a month ago, I found a single roll of burlap on the shelf at Wal-Mart.  It was pretty expensive but I’ve really wanted to try some burlap crafts I’ve seen on Pinterest and I knew if I didn’t buy it I’d probably regret it so into my cart it went.

I washed the whole roll last weekend and ironed most of it today.  I am planning to make some Christmas cushion covers but wanted to try something a bit easier today so I made some Reindeer Food using squares of the burlap.

Here are my supplies:


…and here’s the finished project (I ran out of the right size googly eyes so I could only make 6):


Cute, hey?

I’m hoping to get more “me” time so I can do some Christmas crafts but I have a few orders to fill first.