I’m so excited to have finally turned this idea into an actual ornament that I couldn’t even wait to create the packaging before sharing it on my blog:


It’s been really hard to find clear bulbs to make my crafts this year so I’ve been putting off some of my ideas.

Yesterday, I was fruitlessly searching for disc ornaments at Michael’s and came across a container of round plastic ornaments (I won’t work with round glass – I’m too clumsy!).

I wasn’t sure if they’d fit the bill but they’re really nice and they’re perfect for anyone “from home” sending one in a Christmas package as they are plastic so you don’t have to worry about breakage.

Hopefully, I’ll get the packaging finished tonight (depends on inspiration – took me a whole day to come up with a snowman soup tag yesterday!) and may even remember to update this post when I do.

I remembered!


Enjoy the few meager hours remaining of this lovely 3-day weekend!