I’m working on a snowman version of these but don’t have it perfected just yet (the mouth is too fiddly) but here’s my Santa K-Cup ornament:


It’s a pyramid box with Santa embellishments.  A K-Cup fits perfectly inside if you turn it upside down.

I added some holes to my pyramid box cut file so I could run some baker’s twine through it to hang on the tree.  I also doubled up the lid (bottom) of the box so the tab that closes it is a little sturdier (due to the fact that I used 65 lb cardstock which is a bit flimsy).

I also took advantage of today’s holiday to spend a few hours in my craft room working on some glitter bulb orders:


Just have to make the tags and package them up.

I feel like I’ll never get to making any Christmas cards or tags and I have some really cute new stamps and paper I’d like to play with!