I should seriously buy stock in Sears before posting this but here goes…

As you know, my sewing machine broke last week (bad Pixie) but what you might not know is that Singer didn’t even bother to respond to my email asking for assistance on reseating the bobbin so Singer is now dead to me.

My husband picked up the Kenmore 1/2 size sewing machine at Sears for me last night (on sale until August 2 for $59.99 – save $20) and I just took it out of the box…OMG, I think it’s a Janome Sew Mini.  Here’s my evidence:

The Janome Sew Mini:

The Kenmore 1/2 size:

The only difference is the brand name and the way they outline the stitch patterns (so, the only difference is the decals.)

As further proof, I found this on Overstock.com when looking for a shot of the Sew Mini:


(it’s a picture of the Kenmore but there’s no Janome or Kenmore logo in the picture)

So, Canadians, I think you CAN get a Janome Sew Mini in Canada…that’s pretty cool.  I must go post this on SCS!

(I’ll try to come back later with a real project…if I can get the sewing machine set up – I actually stopped the card making to post this news.)