Still working on mass-production items so I don’t have much new to share (unless you want to see a zillion little boxes that are all the same design but just have different patterned paper on them)…so I thought I’d write a review of my two favourite US online stores (that ship to Canada – I do sometimes order from Canada but get newer products and better prices from the US).

1. – I order from here as often as I can get away with (4-5 times per year)  The owner has a 10% discount on the MSRP so it’s like getting a sale every time I shop there.  PLUS they do sometimes have specials on a particular line of products which saves me even more.  Shipping is reasonable but not cheap or flat rate.  When you are finished adding items to you cart you will see the actual shipping you are being charged.  

Another great thing about this site is that you can contact the owner and ask her to carry a certain line.  If she does already carry a particular line (such as Hero Arts) you can ask if she will stock a particular set and let you know when it’s in.  I do prefer to buy my Hero Arts sets from this site and have had several sets special ordered for me.  Great customer service.   Ship times are not incredibly fast but reasonable (it usually takes about 3-4 weeks to get my stuff.  Note that I live in Newfoundland so mainland Canada might experience better ship times)

2. – While I order more frequently from 7kids (4-5 times a year), eP is my favourite US retailer.  When I first started ordering from eP you could not us the online checkout from Canada and communication/shipping time was poor.  However, their great selection of items and “Dave’s Deals” kept me coming back despite the early “growing pains”.   I am happy to say that you can now use their checkout from Canada and communication and shipping times have improved dramatically. 

I am a sucker for Dave’s Deals and order just about every time he cleans out the shop.  Customer service is good but a little slower response time than 7kids (give ’em a couple of days to respond – both of the shops I’m reviewing are home-based so you need to make allowances). 

Examples of great customer service – On one of my orders I was sent the wrong stamp but they did not have the correct one in stock to do a switch.  Not only did they refund the money, they let me keep the other stamp AND offered me a 10% apology discount on my next order. (which was just a few weeks later because there was a new Dave’s Deal!)  My last order even had a small pack of primas (my fave!) included as a thank you for my order…love free stuff!!!. 

As with 7kids, shipping time is about 3-4 weeks to Newfoundland (these guys are based in California so we are as far away as we can get and still be in North America). 

If you do decide to check these online stores out, it’s worth signing up for their newsletters as that’s how you’ll learn about new products and specials from both retailers. 

I must go play with my latest eP order…I hope Dave isn’t doing any more cleaning in the near future…I can’t store another Prima in my craft room!