Still on a bit of a notepad kick.  This one is a little more 3-D? 2-D? than I would usually make a notepad simply because if you’re going to carry the notepad in your handbag etc. you don’t want a bunch of things popped up on it than can catch in the other junk you’re lugging around with you.

However, I intended this as a notepad for a co-worker that would – theoretically – sit on her desk (of course, she can do whatever she wants with it) so I decided to design it any way I wanted without letting practicality get in the way.

I CASEd this – but I can’t find the inspiration card to give credit.  The inspiration card had more than one balloon, I think the “grass” was cut from dies so it was spikey – it was a cool card. 

Anyway, point is that I thought more of card design than notepad design – which was a little more interesting than my standard notepad layouts…

I have to switch back to cards at some point…the card stash is running low!