OMG!  We’re sooooooo tired right now.

It was a long weekend in St. John’s (Discovery Day – it’s our city’s, um, 512th anniversary, I think!) and the weather was supposed to be good all three days so Rich and I decided this would be the weekend we tackled some of the outdoor projects.

We made a list of four projects and all the materials etc. that we needed to carry them out.  On Friday night we bought the materials (most of them, anyway) and got cracking early on Saturday.  Unfortunately, the smallest project turned out to be the most time consuming and took almost the entire day.  There is so much rock in our soil that a small plant bed turned into a major project.  We did complete the bed but were disappointed that we didn’t make a huge dent in our list.

On day two we got the other front yard project finished but ran out of crushed brick.  We went on a supply run but there were only three bags left in the store and we needed six.  A trip to a second store was not successful so we decided to leave the rest and call it a day.

Day three started out as a foggy, cold morning.  We were secretly thrilled that the weather would prevent continuing our work and decided to go to another store in search of the brick we needed to finish the front of the house.  We did find some but it’s a different colour than the rest so we had to mix it in with the existing brick.  There are still two beds to complete in the backyard as well as a few other projects but they’ll have to wait until next weekend.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been much stamping going on.  In fact, my latest WS stamps have arrived and I have not been able to look at them much less mount them so I can play.   I hope to do that tomorrow so there’ll be a couple of new projects to see soon.

I did get my required papercraft projects completed though – 12 sleepover invitations and another teacher gift set with a matching card.  I’ll save the teacher gift for now as they are not a novelty anymore but here is the sleepover invitation (it’s supposed to be a pyjama top):

Here’s what it looks like with the invitation details (personal info has been blurred for privacy):

Once I’d worked out the template for the collar, this wasn’t too labour-intensive.  I had to use 12X12″ cardstock so the pj top would be wide enough with it’s folded front and I used my embossing folders to add pattern to the collar and trim on the pocket.  The buttons were stitched with crochet thread and adhered with glue dots. 

It did take me a few days to make these (a few evenings, not actual DAYS) but I broke the job down into sections so it was quick to assemble the invitations once all the components were cut etc.

Hopefully back tomorrow if it’s raining. (if not, I’ll be working in the garden.)