Whipper Snapper stamps are so adorable and I will definitely be getting some in the very near future (shipping to Canada is prohibitive – WS and PTI stamps have been on my wishlist forever but the shipping will eat up a lot of my stamping dollars so I keep putting off the purchase – can’t wait much longer though!).  I currently own a mere TWO Whipper Snapper stamps and love them both.

Here is a card using a really sweet image of a snowman couple.  WS stamps are really fun to colour and the examples on the wood block are very helpful.  The artists at WS do a great job of colouring the images for guidance.

I rarely make “white” cards and I was really pleased with this one but I feel I kind of wimped out on the sentiment.  The rest of the card really pops and the sentiment is a bit “blah”.  Not sure what I should have done instead but definitely something!  I enjoy making Christmas cards with non-trad colours and thought the purple was a nice change of pace.

This was a super-simple layout.   I imagine I will be using it a lot now that I have some High Hopes stamps (most of my stamps are fairly tiny.  I have a fear of colouring but I am trying to improve.)  Keep an eye out for cards using the HHRS images – they are just as wonderful as Whipper Snapper.  Fun!