Okay, this is really, really the last Halloween project.  I’m packing away the last of the Halloween supplies today so I can move on…

It’s been a while since I made a little treat for the people who work at the coffee shop that I frequent.  In fact, half the staff has probably changed since I last dropped off a little “I appreciate you” gift for them.

I was at the Dollar store (looking for Pixy Stix) and couldn’t resist picking up some peanut butter cups, pumpkin bags and a package of cute ghost stickers while I was there.   I also rounded up any Halloween patterned paper scraps I had left from other projects vowing to use them rather than cutting into any whole sheets of paper (I was successful, btw!):

I made some notebooks using my Rubicoil coil binding machine and some good quality A4 paper that I inherited from my office.  I cut the papers into 3″x4″ pieces using 20 per notebook and then cut some cardstock for the front and back.  The patterned papers were then strategically cut to cover the fronts and I made some simple embellishments using my scallop punch, a 1.5″ circle punch and the ghost stickers. 

After that, it was time to “cute up” the gel pens that I was putting in the treatbags.  They started out looking like this…

…and once I was done, the goodies for the bags looked like this:

I was going to decorate the peanut butter cups but decided that since they are a perfect Halloween colour, I’d leave them alone.  Besides, I’ve only got one sheet of Pumkin Pie cardstock left to my name!  Not sure if I’ll order more.  I do have an almost full pack of PTI Orange Zest…decisions!

Anyway, here’s a shot of the contents of a bag (if I’d been clever, I’d have used one of the green or orange beaded pens to make the set look more coordinated) :

I’ve noticed I’ve got more “Canadian” traffic on the blog lately so I’ll mention that, except for my binding machine and the micro beads, all the materials used were from Canadian sources and the 12 bags I made cost roughly $15 (I used almost a full sheet of terrifically tacky tape so that jacked the cost up a little).

The pens are mini gel pens from Staples and are $3.99 per pack.  They do go on sale in September for $1.99 usually so if you’re thinking about buying some for a future project, keep that in mind as planning ahead can get you a 50% savings.

If you do buy the mini gel pens and want the dimensions for the paper/tape, I use a piece of patterned paper that is 1 7/8″ X 1 5/8″ and a piece of tacky tape that is 1 7/8″ X 1 1/2″ to bead the pens.  I keep these measurements (along with the measurements for the larger RSVP pes) on a small sheet of paper that is inserted in the package with my tacky tape.