Today’s project is a recipe book I’m putting together for myself as part of a cookie exchange we are having at work.  When the book is finished I’ll have a recipe card from each participant in the exchange.

I made my pages the same size as a standard card so I could get 4 pages from one sheet of cardstock (well, it’s really more cardstock because I chose to print the recipe on white cardstock and mat it onto another colour cardstock so each page of the book uses 1/4 sheet of coloured cardstock and just about a half sheet of white (ingredients on the front and directions on the back).  Here’s a sample of the recipe cards:

…and here’s the cover:

…and here’s what it will look like assembled (but I don’t have all the recipe cards yet):

I was going to add ribbon to the binding but I figured the ribbon would become a dirt catcher if I use this as an actual recipe book so I nixed it.

Not only is this recipe book a little gift for myself but it’s my project for the PaperWorks Co. 3rd Birthday Celebration.   There are some good prizes to be won so if you’re interested in participating, here’s what you need to do:

-Watch the Paperworks Co. Blog, Facebook & Twitter for special deals throughout the month
– Check out the blogs of the designers and special guests as outlined on the Paperworks Co. Blog; make sure you look closely at the project they’ve shown, because then you have work to do…

Between November 7-20th DT members and other friends of PWCO are posting projects on their blog or the PWCO website showcasing a PaperWorks stamp.  To win a prize you have to identify each of the projects.  Each person showcasing a project will also share a little snippet of another project that will be posted between the 7th and the 20th.   It’s like a scavenger hunt.   Here’s my little clue:

You just need to match the above picture with the designer it belongs to (plus the pictures from all the other designers). 

For more details, visit this post by Peg explaining the contest – and there’s a daily posting during the contest period directing you to the next project so just keep checking the blog and you’ll find your clues.

Happy Hunting!