The layout for this card was CASEd – I’m sorry to say that I don’t know who from as I just sketch out the layout on scrap paper when I see something I like while surfing the Net.  I mostly just do a Google image search and don’t click on the link to visit the original site when surfing. (minimal effort here – sorry!)

swanky snowman

I don’t have any banner dies – I’ve thought about getting one or two but I have been able to make do so far by using a square punch on an angle to get the V-shaped notch on my papers and sentiment flags.  They’re not always perfectly centred but I don’t worry about these things.  A handmade card shouldn’t look like it was made in a factory.

Each card (there’s a third one but I find that having more than 2 cards in a picture makes everything too tiny for good detail) has a different background paper.  The one on my left is my favourite and the one on the right is my least favourite.  I like things to be fairly plain and simple.  I do, however, have an insane love of pretty much ALL Basic Grey paper.  Love the vintage/distressed/slightly grungy style.

Back tomorrow with another snowman card.