I’ve been busy with some client orders the last couple of days (not blog-worthy – they aren’t cards) and only managed to get one card made over the weekend.  To make it up to my loyal visitors, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to talk about how to make “useless” designs from paper packs into useful card making paper.

If you’ve ever bought a 12″X12″ pad of paper, you are probably aware that the size of most patterns and some of the pages themselves are better suited to scrapbooking than to card making.   Some sheets in the pack might even have areas printed right on the paper for journaling or matting photos.

I love K&Co paper and can rarely resist buying it unless all the patterns are HUGE and I know it won’t be good for making cards (though if the colours are amazing I still buy the paper in hopes of using it for altering items).  Today I’m going to take a sheet of “unsuitable” card making paper and turn it into a sweet, vintage baby card.

Here’s the sheet (front and back) that I’m working with.  As you can see, K&Co paper is double-sided so if the front is no good for cards, the back usually is (apologies for the darkness of the pic…had to place it on my work top for photographing):

I cut out random pieces of useable pattern and came up with this:

I played around with the different patterns and cut them down to size to mat onto a piece of cardstock.  Then I ran the pieces through my sewing machine and used some distress ink to add to the vintage style of the pattern:

I inked up a Hero Arts sailboat stamp and a sentiment and used distress ink on EVERYTHING…(including the ribbon).  To make the image match the paper, I paper pieced the boat rather than colouring it:

So there you have it!  I admit that some of the paper was wasted – much more than I would waste if I was using my usual 6X6 or 8X8 paper, but if I hadn’t cropped it down to something useable the page would have sat in my stash until 2014.  (that’s an approximate date – I figure if I’m still holding on to some sheets of Michael’s slabs it’s going to take me years to manage tossing K&Co paper!)

Why not rummage through your paper stacks and see if you can find a sheet that you never thought would be good for card making?