Today’s card is inspired by some new Cosmo Cricket paper that I recently bought online.  When I saw this particular sheet of paper I instantly thought of an SU hostess stamp that I have – not sure if it’s seen ink before. (hey, they’re free when you buy a butt-load of SU stuff…I’m not obligated to use them!)

I think I coloured this three times before I was happy with it.  You can only do so much with a solid green image.

I used my new Pixie on this card.  In fact, this was the first card I used it on. (I tried the machine with some scrap paper first)  The shade of blue that I matted the paper and the image on were chosen because the machine comes with some weird colours of thread.  The threaded colour is yellow but they kindly throw in a spool of turquoise and a spool of orange…interesting.

As mentioned yesterday, you can’t use standard spools of thread on the Pixie so I was stuck using one of the colours it came with to take it for a spin.  Yellow was probably the obvious choice but I went for the turquoise.

Here’s the final product:

My peas were stamped twice and pop-dotted on top of the image.  I made a couple of custom “dew drops” and made a bit of a strange bow – I just couldn’t get a nice bow tied so I tied a knot and added a second piece of ribbon for a little more “pouf”.

I tried a few colours of cardstock to go with the green and Cool Caribbean.  Kraft was the winner.  I am surprised at how much I like this combo.

I was going to share some pictures of my craft room but the weather has been quite dull and the colours are too washed out in my shots.  I’ll have to try again on a nicer day…but here’s a little tease (colours are a little off):