take out banner

Just started working on Valentine’s projects – I’m not really quite in the mood yet (I’m waiting on an influx of new supplies that I ordered a while back but one item was backordered so I still don’t have the package) but found some cute little dollar store Chinese take out boxes (which they don’t use locally – I find them to be a fairly “American” style) that I thought could be put to good use.

I was initially going to use them as packaging for Valentine’s Day candy but was inspired by a fortune from a fortune cookie that  I found in my pocket yesterday.

I’ve seen paper fortune cookies on the internet before so I did a search to see how to make them and whipped up a batch this morning (18 to be precise).  I put three ‘cookies’ and a foil wrapped chocolate heart in each take out box – here’s what the contents of a box look like:

take out love

I used various patterned papers that had pink, red, or purple in them to coordinate with the design on the box and prepared three different “fortunes” that were stamped on slips of bond paper to insert in each “cookie”.

The sentiments I chose were:

Wild About You

You Make Me Smile


(options were limited to what would fit on a 2.75″ strip of paper)

The 3 “cookies” and one chocolate heart fit nicely in the take out boxes.

Now I need to work on some Valentine Card layouts (well, first I have to clean up my mess from the above project – it looks like I actually baked the cookies judging by how many supplies I dragged out onto my work top!)