I am super busy these days with house organization and Christmas gift shopping etc. so there hasn’t been as much craft time as I’d like.

Normally, it would bother me that my blog isn’t updated as much as it should be but I’m trying to learn to not worry about schedules for things that are supposed to be fun.  If my blog doesn’t get updated for a week or two, that’s okay. (well, I’m hoping it will be okay – I can’t change my habits overnight!)

In the meantime, I do have a card to share – and a couple on the sidelines waiting to be photographed and blogged. (I’d better do it soon because these cards need to go in the mail pretty soon!)

Today’s card is a birthday card for one of my very best friends – her birthday is just before Christmas.  D likes teapots and I like to make her card as non-Christmas like as possible as I have a December birthday too and I know how nice it is to keep the Christmas out of your special day.

The green is a little off in the picture.  The paper is a little more on the blue-green side than the photograph is showing. (though if I had my time back I’d choose something more blatantly teal for the patterned paper)  I used another little circle of the green paper in the middle of the button on the card.  It looks a little better put together in real life.

The ribbon was hand-dyed by me and matches the pink teapot exactly.

Off to make some Christmas ornaments for orders (and have to work on some cards too!)

Enjoy your Saturday!