I believe I mentioned this before but I was busily working on a large project with a co-worker who is getting married in June (hi, Chrissy!).  She asked me if I’d help her with some bridal shower favours and I was more than happy to get involved.  (face it, I’m a papercrafter – it’s no hardship to design a project and then “endure” a shopping trip to Michael’s to pick up supplies)

We made 70 of these babies.  I did the stamping and cutting out of paper and cardstock at home and brought my Cuttlebug into the office so Chrissy could do the die cuts for the medallions.

They look really cute in real life and are filled with chocolate.  Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? (I managed to eat just one piece of chocolate…the smell was driving me crazy so it’s not my fault!)

Excuse the angle of the shot…it was taken from my desk at work (and the light there is way better than my craft room):

Glad they’re done!