Cheating on the banner today…the above banner is actually for the second baby card from yesterday’s post but I forgot to make a banner when I took my “group shot” of my challenge results and honestly can’t be bothered to do that right now. 

So, I made 21 cards with my scraps in the last week.  The rest of the patterned paper had already been sorted into trash and giveaway piles (there wasn’t a lot left really!) and the stamped images that were already coloured have also been sorted through and removed from my room.   There was only one pre-coloured image that I wanted to use and didn’t – a Whipper Snapper bee with a flower pot – but the image was too bright for any of the papers in the scrap pile.  Hopefully, my friend’s daughter will do something cute with it.

Here’s the group shot of all my cards – the detail is not great but you’ll see a few more of these cards on my blog in the next few days because I’m probably going to take a little card-making break this weekend.

Whew!  I still have to add sentiments to the insides and stamp my handmade by logo on the backs but it was a fairly successful week.

I think my next self-challenge will be a little less ambitous.  I *have* learned not to let scrap paper pile up for so long.  Use it or lose it!

Happy Friday!