…but not the last box…I do think I will try some mini pizza boxes for a change of pace the next time I want to make a little box but the ones I’ve been making are the perfect size for a little gift.

This was the final gift on my list.  The colours are a little more sedate because I just bought a package of K&Co paper that was on clearance at Michael’s (Urban, I think – Wild Saffron) and wanted to use it right away.  It was about $8.00 CAD marked down from about $20.00 which is a pretty good deal.  They had a lot of stuff on clearance but my husband was with me and I didn’t want to completely bore him to death so I didn’t pick through the section as much as I normally would have.  There were a couple of other paper pads that I was interested in – as you know I just don’t have enough patterned paper!  Ha!

I used a really different (for me) colour combination on this set – sage, really rust, and so saffron.  I think it works.  Here’s the end result:

Different, hey?  Sorry the box is on a weird angle, I just laid it on top of the box I keep my Spellbinder dies in to take the picture.  I couldn’t be bothered dragging out my homemade light box (not that it makes my pics that much better, anyway but my yellow walls are not very helpful either)

I’m hoping to see a movie with hubby tonight so I probably won’t have anything for show-and-tell tomorrow.