For those of you that left a comment regarding happy mail, you should have received an acknowledgement email from me by now – in fact, I even sent one to somebody who didn’t leave a comment! (I’m a bit too quick when doing things…oh well!)

The envelopes are a little heavier than a standard card so I have to go to the post office and get them weighed before I mail them…give me a couple of days, okay?

Anyway, I have been spending some time in my craft room but mostly working on DT projects – if you have ever thought about being on a design team, it is quite fun but it takes up a lot more time than you might realize.  This is my first DT and I do not know how people manage to be on 3 or 4 at one time!

(BTW, if you have noticed that I am not using contractions it is because my keyboard is doing something funky on the internet at the moment and I do not have time to shut down and restart the computer if I want to get this blog post finished)

I actually had two cards to share on Friday but just did not get around to blogging them.  I will do that tomorrow (when I sound less like a robot in type!) but for now I have a card to share and I have a quick die cutting tutorial as well.   I will start with the card so you can judge whether you are interested in the tutorial:

He is SO cute.  I love Whipper Snapper stamps…they are so happy!!!

Notice how my flowers spill over the side of my die cut image?  I am going to show you how to do that (please note, I never came up with this concept myself.  I have seen it on SCS several times and I am sure there are tutorials available – I am not trying to take credit for this)

Step 1:  Align the die with the image

Step 2:  Draw pencil marks on either side of the edge of the die where you want the image to overflow (I have made my pencil lines a bit longer and more noticable for the purpose of the tutorial – normally I just make a couple of very light and short lines)

Step 3:  This is really two steps – cut from the top of where the image will overflow right over to just past the inside pencil line (you need to go just a tiny bit past this line so there is room to properly position the die).  Repeat on the bottom of the part of the image that will be outside the die.  This creates a flap of cardstock that you will slip OVER the die.  Position the die and run it through your die cutter.

Step 4:  Remove the die and erase the pencil marks.

Step 5:  Trim the excess cardstock from around the image.

Step 6:  Make a card!

I will be back tomorrow – speaking normal English and sharing a couple of cards I made using Rachelle Anne Miller stamps and the July PaperCard Kit from PWCO.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!